GWS Presents: Write a Writer Day - April 23, 2014

Friends, writing is a solitary pursuit.  Even if we’re lucky to be a part of an MFA community or the member of a writers’ group, nothing happens until we sit down and put our fingers on the keyboard or pen to paper.  And when we’re lucky enough to share our works with the world, we seldom get enough recognition.  We reach readers, but they don’t always reach us.

Now there’s Write a Writer Day.

On April 23rd (Shakespeare’s assumed birthday), we are going to e-mail, tweet and even compose letters to the writers who change and enrich our lives.  Are you in?

Check out the WAWD page here at Great Writers Steal.  You’ll find some frequently asked questions and some dos and don’ts.

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Comment below to share your ideas as to how we can reach as many writers as possible!

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