Month: August 2015

Please Check Out GWS’s New Venture and My Cry From the Heart!


Big news!

Great Writers Steal is now publishing eBooks.  Too many people believe that reading is homework, so we’ll be publishing stories and poems that are both entertaining and meaningful.  We want to regain the attention of the proverbial “woman on the bus.”

I’d be grateful if you’d check out the site and consider looking at the debut selection.  There will be books for writers, but the primary goal is to dispel the notion that reading is homework or something that you only do when your TV is broken and your cell phone is dead.  That’s why the URL is:

Perhaps more importantly, I’m trying to start a very important conversation.  We literary souls have turned away many prospective customers and it’s imperative that we isolate and address the causes.  We can continue to be a gated community in the larger world, or we can try to regain a measure of the cultural relevance we once had.

Please read, share and interact with the piece.