“Poetry is just somebody putting their depressed thoughts down on paper.”

“I’m not really a big reader.”

Great Writers Steal Press understands why so many people think this way.  The literary community has gotten very stuffy and insular.  People who have MFAs are writing for people who have MFAs.  The statistics indicate that writers have lost a significant portion of their audience.  Sure, writers of prose are competing with a wider range of entertainment options.  But here’s the deal:

People love stories.  Everyone wants to read; they just want to read writing that engages their hearts as well as their minds.  There’s nothing more beautiful than when a human being expresses himself or herself creatively and there’s a place for all kinds of expression.  But the literary community needs  more Rembrandts and fewer basketballs-in-fish-tanks.

You may not love every work released by Great Writers Steal Press, but you can rest assured that the work was published because it was conceived with the purest artistic intentions and to please the widest range of readers possible.



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