Literary Links

Writers love to steal, but they also love to help each other out.  Here are links to some of the many resources that will help you reach your creative goals.  Are you thinking of one that I should add?  Drop me a line through the Contact page!

“Good Reading Starts Here!” NewPages is the world’s leading source for literary journal reviews. The site offers “news, information and guides to independent bookstores, independent publishers, literary magazines, alternative periodicals, independent record labels, alternative newsweeklies and more.”

Maintained by playwright and screenwriter Jeremy Sony, this is a great place to find deadlines for play competitions.

Poets & Writers is an important publication. Each issue features interviews with big-time writers as well as helpful articles about craft. The last quarter of each issue lists numerous contests and other opportunities for wordsmiths.

The Millions, an online magazine offering coverage on books, arts, and culture since 2003.

Writer’s Digest is one of the first publications that a beginning writer should consult. (This was the case for me, at least.) The magazine is a very small part of what Writer’s Digest does; they publish those massive and infinitely useful books that help you find markets for your writing.

The Writer is another magazine that offers a great deal of help to beginning and advanced writers alike.

The Royal National Theatre maintains an extensive array of videos that are of particular interest to playwrights, but will help any of us scribblers.

Charles E. May is a Professor Emeritus of California State University, Long Beach who taught literature for forty years. His blog is called Reading the Short Story and he seems to write about a lot of works that don’t get the critical attention they deserve. (Hmm…GWS fans, does that sound familiar?)

The web site Free Book Notes offers links to many helpful resources.  Here is their page, for example, that will direct you to information about Shakespeare.