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GWS Writing Prompt: Two in a Rowboat


The British Library did a great service to humanity when they released millions of images from their collections into the public domain.  The men and women who created this very, very old printed matter are long dead, but their work lives on.  Take a look at this interesting image.


Are your creative juices flowing?  This image could inspire so many works of literature:

  • A poem about a friend who won’t share his whiskey even if you’re freezing to death.
  • A story about two men waiting for their third friend to return so they can head to their cabin.
  • A novel about a son coming to grips with a father who never did anything he wanted to do.  The son wants to be a ballet dancer…but the father just has to toss some beers into the rowboat and go fishing.
  • A video game in which you must resist pushing a button to trigger your friend’s ejector seat, no matter how annoying he gets.
  • A story about two friends who are on a trip to fulfill their comrade’s dying wishes by pouring his ashes onto the coast where the three spent so many happy times.

What do you think?  What ideas does the image inspire in you?