GWS Coffee Break: Name The Raymond Carver Story Based Upon Its Last Paragraph


Friends, I love the possibilities granted by the digital world that now surrounds us.  I worry, however, that we’re abandoning “old” stuff just because it is old.  I had never written with a fountain pen before I picked up one that was cheap but reliable. Writing with a fountain pen was an interesting moment for someone like me; I usually compose longhand.  I’ve written at least one (unpublished and terrible) novel with a mechanical pencil on several legal pads.  Before I popped a cartridge in the virgin pen for the first time, I wondered how I might properly christen the implement.  There are so many great writers out there, but you can’t go wrong with Raymond Carver. So in that spirit, I offer this “fun” “game.”  I’ve scribbled the final paragraphs of some Raymond Carver stories onto these old card catalog cards from the library.   (Isn’t this a fun way to celebrate the past?)  Can you name the stories to which the paragraphs belong?

Notes:  Yes, I know the pictures aren’t professional-quality.  Readers are more than welcome to pitch in so I can buy a truckload of audio-video equipment.  And yes, I know my handwriting leaves something to be desired.  It’s not the beauty of the letters…it’s the beauty of the words that matters. Feel free to leave your guesses in the comments!  Feel even freer to tell the rest of us what you think we can steal from the stories in question!


Carver4 PARAGRAPH #2: Carver5 PARAGRAPH #3: Carver3 PARAGRAPH #4: Carver2 PARAGRAPH #5: carver1




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