Here are Some Vile, Evil Comedians Who Should Be Sent to Offensive Island if They’re Not Already Dead

Friends, as I pointed out yesterday, many talentless, humorless scolds have decided they need to protect others from words and ideas.

Thankfully, Trevor Noah has been spirited away to Offensive Island, a bit of land in the middle of the Pacific where he can live out his days marooned on a beach, thinking about his free use of free speech. As The Daily Show looks for a new host, I’m wondering who they can select.

Here are some disgusting human beings who are not only unfit for Daily Show hosting duties, but for existing in Western society as a whole.  Who else should be shipped directly to Offensive Island, never to return?

Oh, and while you’re at it, please sign my petition to force Comedy Central to give The Daily Show to a comedian who has never offended a single person ever.

George Carlin

CRIMES: He’s anti-Catholic and racist.  And sexist.

Richard Pryor

CRIMES: Contributed to use of “n-word” in humor.  Drug use.  Lack of fire safety.

Lenny Bruce

CRIMES: Racism.

Chris Rock

CRIMES: Racism.  Lots of racism.

Anthony Jeselnik

CRIMES: Racism.  Sexism.  Crimes against Trumpanity.

Sarah Silverman

CRIMES: Sexism.  Racism.  Anti-Semitism.

Margaret Cho

CRIMES: Racism.  Sexism.  Homophobia.

Eddie Murphy

CRIMES: Racism.  Sexism.  Homophobia.

Jon Stewart

CRIMES: Racism.  Sexism.  Anti-Semitism.  Anti-Palestinianism.  Anti-American Exceptionalism.



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